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AddSecure, a company working with securing critical communication and solutions, is in the middle of renewing their brand platform and graphic identity. They needed a presentation movie that started this journey of renewal, radically changing their graphic profile, moving towards something that feels secure, professional, knowledgable and on par with their vision for the future.
I got the assignment through working with the agency Geelmuyden Kiese to create this movie. I was responsible for creating the storyline, selecting clips, music, editing and animations to fit into their new identity and platform.
I formatted the movie into four parts going visually from dawn to dusk. Where the first part is the world view and the need for their products. The second is their clients and what AddSecure offers them. The third part is who AddSecure are and what they do. The fourth part is their core values and moving forward together. By starting from a broad, birds eye view and ending with close ups and views of people the movie hopes to connect and serve as an inspiration for their employees that they’re on this journey together.
The movie was extremely well received by the client that felt both proud and moved by it which is more than I as a creator can hope for in a delivery.

AddSecure via Geelmuyden Kiese


AD/Motion Designer/Movie maker