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Light Ride

Light in the dark

Sweden is one of the darkest countries in the world and not until Christmas do we actually embrace it and make it nice and cozy with a lot of decorations and light. I wanted to change this mindset and create a night filled with light and warmth already in early autumn. Both for the mental benefit but also to improve the safety in our streets as cyclist are the most accident prone mode of transportation in Sweden, a lot of times caused by darkness and not being visible enough.

Light Ride is a bike race that’s not a race but a light festival to share with friends and family where the track and bikes are lit up with creative lighting to form a unique experience. Participants will be awarded for creativity and in the main area together with a light show brands can showcase their latest products that are light related, whether they are to do with safety or just something that’s exciting and fun. The track has several portals that are sponsored where brands can create exciting installations for the participants and visitors to experience them in a new light. (pun intended)

The lasting benefit of this event is, except for being fun and awesome, to increase the visibility of cyclists in our darker part of the year and shine a new light in the dark in our cities.

The concept is currently under development and owned by Onemotion IMC.


Onemotion IMC