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Production Republic

Professional productions

Production Republic of Scandinavia is one of Swedens best production companies when it comes to unique installations for exhibits and brand experiences. They’ve been active for over 10 years and has created some truly impressive set ups. Up until 2016 they were working under the Onemotion IMC flag but they felt the need to branch off and stand on their own legs. To do this they needed a strong and recognisable identity that would stand out. One of the challenges was how we would create an identity that had a lot of effect but would still be timeless and have an official, almost governmental feel to it, to give it authenticity.

We landed on a symbol that’s based on a drill head and a crown. It’s easy to remember and with this symbol we could create very striking graphic elements combined with a colour that definitely pops. One of the best things about this identity was the range of applications, trucks, clothes, stationary, presentations and digital units, all working together to create a new brand that feels like it belongs in the top of the class of exhibit productions.


Production Republic


AD - Designer

Working with:

Onemotion IMC


Pen, Brush, Photoshop, InDesign