Art Director and designer, specialising in creative ideas and concepts

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Cykloteket is Stockholms foremost stores for bicycle products. They sell quality products to their main demographic active cyclist who wants the full cycle experience.
In time with their new brand platform they needed to move away from traditional media with product and price to something more digital that would also build their brand and invoke some interaction.
We created the concept Cykelsmajl where the cyclists passions was the main focus, where any adversity would be a positive in the cyclist life. The campaign ran through spring to autumn where several different versions took form, like “cykelbränna”, “cykelfrilla” and “cykelfräknar” (cycle sun burn, helmet hair, cycle freckles) to promote their different USPs for cyclists.
What started as banner ads now became an omni-channel campaign being used in pre-rolls, social media and print campaigns where the target audience got engaged by sending in their best versions of  #cykelfrilla (#helmethair) etc.
The prerolls and banners reached over 700 000 views and put Cykloteket at the top of mind position in regards to the cycling experience through engagement and a strong visual language.



Art Director - Onemotion IMC


Pen, paper, photoshop, after effects