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Cygate C2IT 2019

En augmenterad novellsamling

Digital security with a heart

Cygate is one of Swedens longest running IT-companies that nowadays working under the Telia-flag. They provide IT-solutions and security for some of our most secure facilities, so secret they can’t even say which they are but Cygate also have the flexibility to aid and assist smaller companies by having a local presence in 20 locations around the country.

At my role at Humblestorm as Art Director I helped Cygate create the digital and physical concept for their annual event, Connect2IT, where they gather partners and clients at 3 locations in Sweden. The theme was “digital brains and analogue hearts” and I wanted to connect the digital and the physical space through the concept.

I finally landed on pixels. it works great for the digital space as it creates a nostalgic feeling for the target audience and for the physical space the pixels can be transformed into cubes. By creating a pixelated heart we had our “title screen” and the event space was populated by cubes, forming an interesting exhibition for the partners to exhibit their latest tech. The stage for their keynote speakers also was populated by the “pixel cubes” and as an added bonus and surprise we had trial-BMX riders finish the night by riding and climbing these cubes. I really liked the way graphical concept wasn’t just colour and “finish” on an event space but was integral part of the whole structure, exhibit and show as well. Except for creating a three-dimensional exhibit space these cubes where also reusable and made from recycled material, something I want to see more of in the event business where easy, singleuse solutions have far too long been the norm.

A big thank you to Carlsson & Mässing and Mediatec that was our partners as the production companies and the team at Humblestorm.




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