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Smart Ungdom

I can always try
Unga Drogförebyggare (earlier Smart Ungdom) is an organisation that works preventively against drugs through educational material, opinion changers and commitment in different associations. They wanted to start a poster campaign against the internet drug Spice that had become more and more dangerous with a big demographic in young users.
Trough a collaboration with the School of Photo STHLM we at Forsbergs Design School had a competition to create their new campaign. To my utter delight the concept me and Ludwig Mattsson together with the photographers Elvira Vargamo and Gustaf Söderblom won the competition.
The concept “Man kan ju alltid testa” , roughly translated into “I could always try it” was based on the insight that pointing the finger and telling people what to do doesn’t work as a means of communication. We believe that kids are smart enough to make decisions on their own, but it wouldn’t hurt with a reminder that everything isn’t worth trying. We created stupid things not to try, in style with the famous cinnamon-challenge that has circulated the web, like squeezing lemons in your eyes, eating a dish cloth or a dirty band aid. There are so many things that are actually worth trying but Spice isn’t one of them.
We developed the campaign further to make it broader than the already striking images to use.
Instead of Spice: On their website they would drive users to send in pictures and videos of things they’ve tried and their experiences with them, good or bad, smart or dumb. Later they would organise a youth day with a focus on trying new things, kids are curious and we want them to explore new experiences, but here it would be bubble-football and mountain climbing, or eating a chocolate ball as big as your face. At the same event it would be the perfect venue to share information of things not to try in an environment that is about experience fun things rather than recking your life trying something truly dangerous.
Smart Ungdom ( now Unga Drogförebyggare) used our imagery in schools as an information campaign and was excited about our idea of expanding it into a day of trying new things for kids. They had themselves thought of something similar and now they got more ideas and energy to be able to create such a day.

Smart Ungdom